Colette Cosentino

Rooms should be a place to show off individuality, a place to dream and refresh, protected from all the theatrics of the outside world.

-Colette Cosentino

The paintings and designs of Colette Cosentino have been described as ethereal, sophisticated and restful. Her work turns any environment into a flight away from the ordinary, calling upon the elements that surround the artist... the sea, the sky, the land, all at their most fruitful capacity. In her studio in the seaside village of Santa Barbara, Colette creates artwork that invokes the feelings of what it's like to taste ocean spray on your lips and experience what it’s like to run through a forest chasing fireflies. She is both a fine artist and a decorative artist and has worked with many interior designers, including the legendary John Saladino, to create evocative murals.

Colette Cosentino'S Designs

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